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The taurus media group operates worldwide, consulting and delivering enterprise strategies and solutions for digital marketing and communication, digital transformation and e-business / e-commerce.

Strategic development

We offer extensive consulting and support in strategic and tactical implementations, aimed at achieving long term measurable success in digital marketing & commerce. Whether leveraging new business models and processes, introducing enterprise business architecture, implementing technical platforms and services, driving commercial excellence, supporting change management or ensuring executive management buy-in, we offer a full service portfolio, adapted to your requirements.

Marketing Automation

Unlocking the potential of online business models and driving new business, customers and services within a digital transformation means introducing significant changes in the agility and flexibility of marketing & communication. Introducing a high degree of automation, global/local autonomy, translation management, governance and organisational structures, fast deployment and delivery mechanisms that meet the multi-channel, instant demands of end-users, is a key necessity to winning a competitive advantage. Solutions and Services that fulfill these requirements are numerous but also discrete and fragmented. We ensure that multi-channel activities are unified to become an „omni-channel solution“.

Closed Loop Relationship Marketing (CLRM)

Closing the loop thereby continuously measuring and improving the effectivity and efficiency of individual marketing activities (such as tablet-selling) is a necessary part of any strategy. The real benefit however is achieved in complementing and consolidating all activities to manage relationships, increase loyalty & retention, win new customers via the intelligent use of all activities and accurate interpretation of data analysis and market trends, to control and improve products and services in a win-win situation for all parties.

Mobile Enterprise

The ubiquitous expectations of mobility, means companies need to implement long-term mobile strategies that meet the rising demands of consumers, partners and workforce. With our extensive experience in multiple Industries such as manufacturing, electrical, healthcare, retail and the IT industry, together with an extensive partner network covering communication, software, infrastructure and services, we can fully support you from the definition, through implementation, change management, service delivery and management for a successful optimised strategy based on best practices.

Visibility and networking

Where would we be without all the flanking measures necessary to be „seen and found“ in this ever expanding global network? Whether SEO / SEM or participation in Social Networks, a successful enterprise marketing strategy cannot flourish without active involvement and visibility across all important online channels.
We not only deliver quality individual services for Google, Facebook, et al, but a comprehensive, integrated approach connecting marketing automation and CLRM ensuring scalable, operational success.


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Our Services

Consulting, Marketing & Communication

Marketing Conception

We consult, define and deliver marketing concepts, via workshops, competitive analysis, positioning and messaging concepts, etc.

Design & brand communication

We design brands, channels and online activities in an overall layout and design adhering to brand principles,  maximising penetration and recognition, etc.

Business Enterprise Architecture

Consulting and implementation services to identify, select and implement platforms and processes for enterprise change.


Enterprise Content Management

Websites, Landing pages, Microsites, Service Delivery, Quality management, for multiple systems from Open Source (TYPO3, Contao, WordPress …) to proprietary commercial software such as SDL Tridion, SiteCore, Censhare.

Digital Asset Management

Video, Images, Text, Translations, Print, Layout, etc can be managed in systems that are fully 100% supported and managed by us in your name.

Enterprise Connectivity

We integrate and connect to ERP systems (SAP), CRM Systems to deliver integrated solutions including master product data, internal process and workflows.

Special Services

Marketing Automation

Newsletter, Microsites, CRM Integration, Lead Management

Social Networking / Search

Google, Bing, Facebook, Google+, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn: Watch video

Mobile Application Development

Applications for Sales & Marketing, Internal business Processes, Custom programming in Healthcare

Measurement & Analysis

Data analysis, KPIs, Dashboards for overall marketing


Design, Concepts, Content, Apps, Programming, Quizzes, Tests, Certification, Payment


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